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Orange Cleaners Duo Backpack

Boosts Cleaning Efficiency

Improves safety and helps meet demanding cleaning standards

Key Features
  • Detachable shoulder bag
  • Internal holder
  • No contamination
  • Air vents
  • Rail standard Hi-vis
  • Weather Protection
  • TocSAFE® Quick Release
  • Tough
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Feature Details
  • Detachable shoulder bag works well within the constraints on-board cleaning.
  • Carries up to 4 spray bottles, with ‘adjust to size’ dividers, also removable for cleaning.
  • Interchangeable colour coding for pockets and compartments, minimising cross-contamination risk.
  • Vented to help prevent moisture build up.
  • RIS standard orange and reflective materials.
  • Waterproofed materials help protect whatever the conditions or weather
  • Innovative TocSAFE®® quick release straps.
  • Strong, durable 1000D Teflon coated material with wipe clean pvc lining.
Technical Details
  • Backpack Size (Height x Width x Depth/Length)
  • Capacity
    16 Litres
  • Shoulder Bag Size (Height x Width x Depth/Length)
  • Capacity
    7 Litres

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