Why choose us

We are often asked how we manage to deliver premium, personalised products so fast and so cost effectively, without sacrificing service or quality. 

We have built our business around the demanding needs of our customers in the rail, police, fire and transport industries.  Their service-driven culture has shaped our own, and helped us to become an organization focused on efficiency and care.

We want our company to be the first place you come when your people need new accessories, bags, torches and safety products.  In return, you’ll receive:

Products designed specifically for you

Everyone would choose to have a product made for their exact requirements and preferences but cost is often a barrier to bespoke design.  That isn’t the case when you order from us.  We have achieved excellent economies of scale, which means we can design, or adapt, products to suit your work environment, and manufacture and deliver superior products without the premium price tag.

Outstanding quality every time

Quality control is our top priority throughout the design and manufacturing process.  You can have complete peace of mind in the durability and quality of our products. We always use top grade materials and apply the latest manufacturing techniques to create products tough enough to last.  We carry out frequent control checks throughout production and vigorously test our products (in house and independently) prior to shipping to ensure they are able do the job they were made for.

Easy ordering and no minimum quantities

Just order whenever you need to with our flexible, easy ordering service, and we’ll bring what you need, directly to you.  We maintain high stock levels to be able to cater for your requirements whenever you have them.  You can order exact quantities of each product you want and we’ll deliver it to your precise location, the next day, for free, as long as your order is over £100 (£15 delivery for orders under £100).  There are no minimum order quantities.    

Hassle free delivery

Combining our substantial stock levels with same day electronic order confirmation and next day nationwide delivery, means that your orders can be easily tracked online and will be delivered correctly and on time.

Contactable, accountable and personal service

We like to take the time to meet you face to face, and our clients say they appreciate the extra attention too.  That way, we can really listen to your requirements and brainstorm product ideas with you then and there.  There are times when we know your schedule will require us to move fast and in those circumstances, where there isn’t time to meet, we’ll keep in regular contact with you by phone and email to update you on the progress of your product design, manufacture and delivery.

No quibble replacements – guaranteed

We’re serious about our guarantees, so you’ll never find us quoting a get-out clause. We created our guarantees to give you extra reassurance, and we can do that confidently because we know the quality of our products.  It’s rare, but if you ever find a problem with one of our products, we’ll replace it straight away and arrange fast delivery to minimise inconvenience.  

Global manufacturing for your cost advantage

Giving our customers unparalleled added value, in nearly all cases, necessitates Far East manufacture.  Together with our China office, we work extremely closely with our factories, to ensure our goods are produced to the highest quality and on schedule. 

The UK team regularly visits our global factories to ensure they are maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards.  Where Far East manufacture does not meet our exacting standards, we source UK/European manufactured products.

To find out more about our processes, standards and ethics, please contact us.